Buying a Rangermade Knife


Custom Orders

Custom orders are exactly that; a knife built for the customer using style, profiles and materials chosen by the customer. Custom orders comprise the majority of my sales. I take about twenty-five orders per year.  I do not require any deposits to reserve a spot in my books or to begin construction on a custom order knife. Payment for my knives is due upon completion.

Currently, my order books are closed.

Maker's Choice Knives

Beyond the custom orders, I make knives for the shows that I attend. I will usually have four to six knives of my own choice in style and materials available at a show.

I also build a few knives through the year as a way of challenging my skills. These knives are usually a departure from my standard offerings but, indicate where I'm interested in going with my knifemaking. These special pieces will often be offered here on the website and on my Facebook and Instagram pages.


Pricing starts around $700. Knife size, model, materials and embellishment all affect price. 

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